Brilliant Fungi 

A Diversified Natural Health Company.


We’re a California based company dedicated to bringing awareness to the public about the health benefits and business development of mushrooms. 

We have developed several health products with focus to protect, restore and regain a healthier body, mind and soul.  

Our staff is focused on providing evidence and research based psilocybin products for development of various treatments of PTSD and other mental conditions.

Our Vision

Our CEO George Boyadjian comes from the cannabis industry where for the last 12 years he has educated and thousands entrepreneurs in getting in the cannabis industry as well as product development for many clients.  

With SB519 on the horizon in California and many states having decriminalization laws on ballots, our company will be at the forefront of the mushroom and psychedelics industry in California and abroad.

Our vision is to have a vertically integrated company, similar to what we have built in the cannabis industry, that will produce, develop and distribute products through in house retail and client retail locations.

What We Do

Product Development

We are working around the clock developing health, beauty and life style products for the regulated psilocybin industry in California and Oregon.


Sign up for our courses and seminars around California and Oregon on getting started in the Mushroom industry.  Our courses give you a chance to research the regulations and start you on product development.


Our staff is working with local organizations to foster and take care of folks that are struggling with mental health issues with psilocybin mushrooms.  Studying it’s effects on PTSD and various other condictions.  

Brand Development

Have something in mind?  Let us put it all together for you.  We will bring your ideas into life with our dedicated brand design team.  Your brand shoud fit you and the way you are, let us bring the best out in you.

Business Development

We will work with you 1-0n-1 to craft your business and create a road map to success.  Our business incubator program really focuses on you and you specific niche of mushroom business.  We will guide you step by step.

Private Label

Use our Private Labe business model to launch & scale your own mushroom brand without risk.  We give you the opportunity to dive into the thriving industry while creating your own unique private label.  Create your brand using our top of the line products.