Brilliant Fungi College

Learn how to get in the new and thriving multi-biollion dollar psilocybin mushroom industry.


Learn the ins and outs of growing your own mushroom farm and starting your own mushroom business.


With SB519 on the horizon and cities like Oakland, Seattle and the state of Oregon have decriminalized psychedelics, a whole new industry is about to be born.

Similar to the cannabis green rush of late 2000’s, the psilocybin mushroom industry is expected to be bigger.

We are providing training seminars and courses for folks that want to get in the mushroom industry but don’t know where to start.


Take courses as well as schedule a private consultation on how to get into the mushroom industry and get a head of the curve.  We will go over how to start creating your brand, finding locations, planning buildout and more.

We cover the following subjects in our 2 day weekend seminars:


If you would like to know how to start a mushroom farm or a mushroom wellness business, or sell mushroom products online and you don’t know where to start? 

You came to the right place.  Learning on your own can be overwhelming and various Youtube videos are not too trust worthy.

You can rest assured that when you’re dealing with us, you’re working with professionals in the mushroom industry.

By the end of this course, you will understand the entire mushroom cultivation and business process!


  • You will learn mushroom business basics as well as advanced
  • How to find the professional help you need
  • Legal and compliance with ordinance and laws
  • Grow, harvest, and store your home-grown mushrooms
  • Learn how to extract and make edibles
  • Discover where and how to get high quality spores and cultures
  • Learn about the different mushroom cultivation equipment used
  • Understand how to create a mushroom growing environment anywhere
  • Get the skills to start growing your mushrooms and your business
  • Learn how to create your brand
  • Meet like minded individuals and start a network of mushroom cultivators and users

Private Consultations

Get online or in-person consultation on your business set up and get all you mushroom business questions answered by professionals.

Grow Room Set Up

Learn how to maximize your space for maximum yield for commercial grade mushroom and private use.  Our experts will guide in the right direction by saving you time and money.


Save time by going into a 2 day seminar.  All the research has been done and we present you with the facts


Don’t know where to start?  Don’t know anyone in the industry, here’s your chance to meet others like you and create a network.


Don’t waste money paying for an attorney.  Our courses have industry professionals guiding you in the right direction.


The mushroom and psychedelics industry is barely getting started. Tap in now and get started.


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