Get all of your questions answered by our expert staff in the privacy of you home, office or online.


If you have a business idea or a plan ready to go, a consultation with us will get you on the road to success!

We will help guide yo on the right direction whether it is in business or mushroom cultivation and turnkey key grow room set ups.

 We will cover such topics as:

  • What you will need to start.
  • How you can legally operate.
  • What is required by local cities and by the State.
  • What you need to know about the permitting and licensing processes.
  • The potential challenges.
  • Timing and the demand on capital and people. 

During our consultation we will answer every question you might have and will help you plan out your future business goals.


These guys really know their business.  George and Al came out to my house in Valencia and put the game down so easy that I picked it up and now I’m starting my own farm and mushroom spores business.  Thanks guy!!!

John Prestonly